New Tank Construction

We take the craft of tank building seriously

Purchasing an aboveground storage tank is a significant investment for any business. Do you want a tank that is cheap or one that is well built, dependable, and provides decades of low maintenance service?

Heartland Tank takes the craft of tank building seriously

These tanks range in size from 10,000 gallons up to 4,000,000 gallons of liquid product. We have decades of experience in building various configurations of above ground storage tanks.  We have teams with specialty knowledge to build a tank to meet your needs and specifications.

We Have Teams With Specialty Knowledge

Consistent, Solid & Reliable Welding

Heartland Tank’s management staff has experience in erecting and welding aboveground steel storage tanks that spans over four decades. With this type of expertise, we know what is required to create solid, clean welds. In fact, our team was instrumental in the design and fabrication of the double-sided girth welder known as the Three O’clock Welder that provides the strongest and most reliable welds available.

3 'o clock Girth Welder - Heartland Tank

In addition to using the precision welding machines of the single and double girth welders, our personnel are certified welders and are only satisfied with the highest quality of weld seams, ensured by following a stringent set of welding procedures.

Heartland Tank builds field-erected storage tanks for the needs of various industries, including agriculture, liquid fertilizer, oil / petroleum, water, asphalt, and food production. Whether you need a new tank or a tank cut down, Heartland Tank performs professional work done right every time.

The superior quality of our tanks is based on using quality materials, meticulous welding standards, precision equipment, and strict adherence to API-650 Specifications.  Our priorities in tank construction are quality and safe on-time completion.

Outstanding Quality for Well-Crafted Tanks

  • Mill Certified Flat U.S. Steel Plate
  • Adherence to API 650 Tank Specifications
  • Independent Third-Party Weld X-Ray Inspection
  • Three O’Clock Welder for Horizontal Weld Seam
  • Dedicated Crews that Care about Building Quality Tank
Heartland Tank - Liberal KS and Goodland KS

Compare a Heartland Tank with other tanks and you will see a difference. Our crews not only fulfill the API 650 requirements, but also strive for a tank that looks smooth and round.

Tank Floor - Heartland Tank

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